Multi Install Links

Freeware Delphi Zip
A Delphi/C++ Builder Freeware zip component

TGifImage unit by Ander Melander
TGIFImage is a full TGraphic implementation of the GIF graphics format

Virtual Treeview by Mike Lischke (Delphi Guru)
A very nice treeview made the right way - and with support for background image

Bass music library
A very nice music dll file with support for playing mp3, xm, it, mod, s3m, wav and more music formats

Virtual Explorer Tree by Jim Kueneman
A very nice Explorer tree based on based on Mike Lischke's Virtual Treeviewtreeview

TRichView components
Also a free (old) version available with source

The RAR / WinRAR homepage

The WinAce homepage
A very skilled gfx artist.
His Noia icons are used in Multi Install Edit.
Calitus has also made more than 400 icons for KDE

XML related links
XML at Microsoft

Other "Multi installers"
Traction CD Menu (shareware - watch out for Gator & Spyware)
AutoPlay Menu Studio (commercial)
Multimedia Builder - (commercial)
MenuOrc (free) do check their icons